Organic rare breed Pork Loin Roast


Roast quickly and get that crackling crispy, a sunday treat

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Crispy salty crackling over a quick cooked loin roast, it just tastes amazing. Tender and sweet tasting, its important to cook your pork thoroughly, but not over cook it so that it goes dry. Raising pigs organically includes keeping the breeding sows and boar outside in a free-range rearing system. They have room to express their natural behaviour, and to root and forage through the pasture in their outdoor pens. We also use rare breeds of pigs whose meat is slightly fattier than commercial breeds of pigs. They also cope better in an outdoor system, they are hardy and hairy and like nothing better than a mud wallow on a hot day or a scratch up against one of our old tractor tyre scratching posts.


Hugh Grierson Organic

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